About me

I have always liked sailing ... every time I went out I had a great time.

Over the years, family, working in a 24/7/365 environment and running a small business, it was hard to fit in a regular activity.

With the business closing down, family grown up and retirement on the horizon, it was time to change the work/life priorities.

A number of seemingly inconsequential circumstances came together and the dream of sailing and owning our own yacht started becoming part of a real transition to retirement plan.

My first step was to join Sandringham Yacht Club, and then go sailing on a regular basis; crewing in the Thurdsay night twilight races and the Wednesday Wonders (Wednesday afternoons).

Luckily for me, I met some great skippers who welcomed me aboard their boats, gave me a chance to learn, provided good advice and feedback, and allowed me to enjoy the time on the water.

Thank you Albert, Lowa and Daniel.

The good advice and guidance included one of the skippers introducing me to Rohan Veal of 38 South Boat Sales. Rohan showed me a demo Sun Odyssey 349 that was being commissioned. Soon after, I was able to show the Sun Odyssey 349 to my wife, daughter and grand-daughter.

The Sun Odyssey 349 was a practical reality, and so we soon placed an order for a new boat with a few optional extras.

The rest is ... what Sailing Maribel is all about.

Checking out the 349

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